Sound For Theatre

Theater Specific Equipment

Our equipment inventory has evolved to include a range of 'theatre specific' products, often developed in-house, to maximise the listening experience and give sound designers and engineers the tools required to deliver consistently superior results.  By adopting a balance of tried and tested methods coupled with newly developed processes, our production staff are able to push the boundaries of the quality and range of services offered to our clients.

Sound Design

In addition to supplying the 'nuts and bolts' of audio production, Thames Audio's in-house design team are dedicated to providing the creative flair coupled with technical know-how to ensure that every production realises its full potential.  Whether it be subtle sound effects to complement plays and spoken word, or comprehensive system design for large scale musical theatre projects, our years of experience allow us to offer solutions to all of your audio requirements.


Natural Sound

Our goal is to achieve a coherent, 'natural' sound quality that is sympathetic to the feel of the production, no matter how challenging the listening environment.


  • Amplifier Racks
  • Amplifiers
  • Cable (Networking)
  • Communication
  • Computers
  • DSP & System Control
  • Delay Units
  • Digital Multicore
  • Dynamics
  • EQ
  • Effects Units
  • In Ear Monitors
  • Loudspeaker Accessories
  • Loudspeaker Processors
  • Loudspeakers
  • Mains Distribution
  • Microphone Accessories
  • Microphones
  • Midi
  • Mixing Console Accessories
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Monitoring
  • Multicore Systems
  • Multitrack & Samplers
  • Radio Microphone Accessories
  • Radio Microphones
  • Record & Replay
  • Rigging
  • Show Control
  • Video

From the original design and consultation, right through to the equipment being used for the first time. The service provided by Thames has been second to none - Stage Manager, New Wimbledon Theatre.

Organising an event can often present a number of logistical hurdles, especially when the event is to be staged in unusual circumstances or within a challenging environment.  Thames Audio's project management team are able to draw upon years of experience within the industry in order to overcome these constraints.

Whether the event simply requires a higher level of co-ordination, innovative design utilising existing products or the development and manufacture of bespoke items, Thames can offer our clients the peace-of-mind that no problem is insurmountable.

Pivotal to this service is the structure within our production team.  By employing specialist designers and technicians within key areas of the project such as speaker design, radio systems and communications, we can ensure that the event as a whole runs to its full potential.

At the heart of operations at Thames Audio lies our equipment inventory.  Through our ongoing research and development into new and existing products, our engineers and clients gain access to a wide range of high quality equipment from which to assemble the ideal tools for each task.
Further to this, our team of project managers and production staff have the experience and knowledge to ensure that all aspects of the project meet the standards to which our clients have become accustomed.

Whether providing discrete speech reinforcement for corporate occasions or catering for large concerts and festivals, our commitment to you, the client, is to create a listening experience that both compliments and enhances the event at hand.